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  • Samantha Smikle

Major Key Alert!

Here at Nroda Lash Bar we stay booked and busy. Although July has no vacancies, August is right around the corner. Here are some ways to increase your chances of snagging a spot in our appointment book next month!

Tips to Securing an Nroda Lash Bar Appointment:

1. Double up!

Book your new set and fill set together when possible

2. Stay connected!

Check your email for advanced booking opportunities

3. Turn on @NrodaLashBar post notifications!

Be the first to know when our books are opening

4. Join the waitlist!

Text your name, number, availability, and preferred service to (917) 593-4248

5. Have your coins in a row!

Be $50 "squeeze in" deposit ready when requesting appointments outside of calendar availability

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