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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect 

The Butterfly Effect design is a layered design of florals, butterfly prints and irridescent gold foil. It's one of those designs that you'll find something new about it every day! 

Shape Shown: stiletto/Long length

Wear: Up to two weeks using our Nroda Nail Bar glue application method or two days using just stickers.

Includes: Every set of Nroda Instant Gels™  comes complete with 10 multi-sized hard gel nails and an application kit containing:
        •       nail glue
        •       a buffer
        •       cleansing pad
        •       orange stick
        •       adhesive tabs.

About Nroda Instant Gels™
The ultimate press on nails with an unmistakable quality and strength. Nroda Instant Gels™ can be filed or clipped to any length or shape, making them fully customizable. Expect comfortable, long-wearing false nails that feature a natural curve and seamless cuticle line to rival any salon manicure.

No chipping, no wearing away and no splitting.

Find our detailed instructions here, or follow these 5 steps:

        2       Lightly buff your natural nail using the buffer provided
        3       Wipe each nail using the cleansing pad (alcohol wipe)
        4       Apply a thin layer of glue to your entire nail and place the instant acrylic down and in line with your cuticle. Hold it down firmly for 5-10 seconds
        5       Repeat on all fingers.

The unmatched strength of our Instant Gels means Nroda nails are not soft  but still feature a gentle flex. They're comfortable to wear and with an exclusively designed shape, will rival the look and feel of any salon set.

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